Apoye la Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea:

  • Para medidas efectivas contra el terrorismo
  • Para la protección efectiva de los menores
  • Para una Europa más pacífica


Aquí encontrarás información para la prensa sobre la iniciativa ciudadana europea «Stop Extremism». Si necesitas más información o quieres solicitar una entrevista, escríbenos un mensaje de correo electrónico a


información de los medios

Información mediática sobre la conferencia de prensa inicial del 3 de julio de 2017 en Berlín:

 Comunicado de prensa

 Información sobre «Stop Extremism»

 Logotipo de «Stop Extremism» de uso gratuito


15.9.2017:  Presentation of the European Citizens Initiative Stop Extremism
at the OSCE conference on 15.9.2017 by Seyran Ates and Efgani Dönmez


Press Statements

Vienna, 18th August 2017: Press statement on the attack in Barcelona: It is time to take action against extremism across Europe

European Citizens´ Initiative “Stop Extremism“ condemns the Barcelona Attacks and calls upon European society to take action against Extremism. Seyran Ates, co-founder of “Stop Extremism” says: “I want to express my sympathy to the relatives of the deceased and I wish a speedy and full recovery to the injured. It is unbearable that so much hate, terror and violence is being spread in the name of Islam. Another terrorist attack in the name of Islam, and again it’s innocent people who were injured and lost their lives. We don´t have to accept either this hate or this violence. We in Europe, have to fight together. This is why I call on all of you to support the European Citizens´ Initiative “Stop Extremism” – especially in these testing times.”

German Version



El Diario, 3rd July 2017: Presentan una iniciativa ciudadana europea contra el extremismo político y religioso

El Periodico, 3rd July 2017: Presentan iniciativa ciudadana europea contra extremismo político y religioso


Press Reports in UK

Politico, 27th July 2017: The German mosque that attracts women imams, gays and death threats

The Times, 27th July 2017: Seyran Ates to open gay-friendly mosque

The Guardian, 26th July 2017: Muslim feminist plans to open liberal mosque in Britain

Daily Mail, 26th July 2017I don't accept that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam

The Independent, 26th July 2017: Liberal mosque founder who banned burqas defies death threats and vows to continue

Evening Standard, 26th July 2017: Feminist who founded 'liberal' Berlin mosque plans new site in London